The electronic producer and live performer An On Bast (Anna Suda) is one of the most dynamic live talent as well as one of the deepest sound explorer of the Polish electronic scene. The year 2006 marks the beginning of her career: she publishes her first album and she is picked from thousands of applicants to participate in the Red Bull Music Academy Melbourne Edition.

Her challenging approach in the research of the most high-powered sounds combination is the cornerstone of her techno live groove. She abandoned gradually the use of the laptop to experiment pure freedom in her live set-up. She moves from the sampler to the drum machine, from the hot pink wooden keyed little bass monster to effects showing a natural and confident connection with her machines. What comes up is a performance that represents not only high-quality entertainment for the public but a complete immersion in An On Bast´s energetic music flow.

Her stunning live performances has captivated audiences at many festivals like Sonar (Barcelona), Nachtdigital (Germany), 3000° Festival (Germany), Numusic (Stavanger), Kvitnu (Kiev), Rekolectiv (Bucharest), Strom (Copenhagen) and at great polish festivals like Audioriver (Plock), Unsound (Krakow), Tauron (Katowice), Warsaw Electronic Festival and premiere clubs throughout Europe like Waagenbau (Hamburg), Berghain Kantine (Berlin), ://about blank (Berlin), Tresor (Berlin), Worm (Rotterdam), Cafekino (Copenhagen), Blau (Girona), Loop Bar (Melbourne).



2006 Welcome Scissors (An on Bast self released)
2006 Happy-Go-Lucky (ETAlabel)
2007 An On Bast & Allca - Parts Of Broken Glass In My Mouth (Mind twisting Records)
2011 Pinwheel Mix (La Folia Recordings)
2012 An On Bast / Maciej Fortuna - 1 (Fortuna Music)
2013 An On Bast / Maciej Fortuna - Live (Fortuna Music)
2013 An On Bast / Maciej Fortuna - Electroacoustic Transcription of Film Music by Krzysztof Penderecki (Fortuna Music)
2014 An On Bast - Songs For Running Through Grass (Ghost Kitchen)


2008 Words Are Dead (Rednetic Recordings)
2009 Calypso Ice Cream (La Folia Recordings)
2010 Upon the dew drops (La Folia Recordings)
2011 No Cage (La Folia Recordings)
2011 More Cigarettes (We Are Your Music Mate)
2012 Medusa (Rec Out)
2013 Leave The Cloud Sun (We Are Your Music Mate)
2013 Sundevit (Acker Records)